Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

Hello world,

As you know I am involved in the Student Blogging Challenge. this means I have to complete certain tasks each week. Last Week’s theme was images. It meant that I had to learn about the guidelines and restrictions of using images let alone making a poster. We also commented on four other people.. I learnt a lot from this task. This week’s task is the use of celebrating creativity and how it can emphasise our blogs and make them a lot more fun.


Dress up your blog for halloween.

As a christian I don’t celebrate halloween and have never been trick or treating. Though one day I would like to go for fun and for the lollies! //My family has never adopted halloween as a thing we do so I have not been influenced. As a result of this if have made my blog header a picture of lollies to show the lollies you get. Otherwise my blog is the same!


Make a story or a poem.

I have decided to do both as I love writing. I made an acrostic poem and a narrative.

Heads turning, watching and waiting

All is revealed behind the wooden door

Lovely aromas crept from the cracks in the windows

Lots and lots of LOLLIES

Over the moon, we stuffed our plump faces

When we were done and our bellies were full

Everyone scampered inside

Ending what was the best Halloween ever

No more surprises….

My narrative:
We looked as yet another child disappeared through the rusty gates to the old house. Amy strolled to the door and some sort of hand took her by the scruff of the neck and she disappeared. Gone. Forever. I couldn’t believe my eyes and big drops fell down splashing onto my red cheeks and causing my eyes to go bloodshot. I didn’t know whether to try and be brave or be a wimp. I could run away and be selfish think only of myself not of the other scared children.

It all started that morning when we arose to orange decorations and the sickly sweet smell of lollies. It was Halloween. My anticipation had been bubbling like a volcano all day waiting to explode and go trick or treating. But today it felt different. There was some tension in the air and the uneasy actions of pedestrians suggested that something was happening. As much as I liked trick or treating I did not want to put myself at risk.

You see there is a man in our small village who always manages to pull a frail but creepy smile when he sees us; kids that are alone. His house has been standing on the corner Of Never Be Street for over a hundred years. But this house has a ghost. Who was killed by one of the previous owners of the house many many years ago. Many people say that the maroon bloodstains still cover the floor and walls. And it is said the man who currently owns the house was the murderer from 100 years ago. No one knows if these rumours are true as no one has ventured into the house or even the property for a long time.

When it was time to go trick or treating that evening I was taking particular precaution of the house and the street.

Right now I am looking at that house with afraid eyes. I, as a brave (Ilike to think) person took the risk of walking up the overgrown path and knocking with the rusty brown knocker That was soon answered by a hand that grabbed me….


Write about the history of Halloween.

Halloween, or once called Hallows Eve, is a time where many countries from around the world celebrate the dead. There are many fun activites people like to do such as trick or treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, dressing up, playing pranks, watchingscary movies, telling scary stories etc. Some even light candles and put them on garves as this day is about commemorating the dead.

Here is a short, educational video to watch and learn more. I got it From ENJOY!


Watch my video

I also found these awesome and inspirational Halloween related quotes!


Keep being awesome!



45 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

  1. Hi Claire,

    I like your powtoon on halloween as well as your halloween story. I think you have really improved on your blog writing in your blog.

    Congratulation on being nominated on most improved blogger of the year.


  2. Hi Catie,

    Thank you so much for niminating my blog. I really appreciate it. I do realise a made a few mistakes in my video so hpefull you understood what it was actually saying. As fo you congrats on being nominated for the best blogger award.


  3. Hi Claire,
    I love the poem and narrative! The poem is creative and the narrative is captivating. The quotes are awesome too!
    “Hi, I’m Life and I’m handing you lemons.”
    Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Most Improved Year 6 Blogger. I think you definitely deserve it.

    1. Hi Ella,

      Thank you for reading my blog post. I agree with you that the quote represents life. Sometimes sour sometimes sweet, mostly unpredictable. Thank you.


  4. Hi Claire,
    Love that post! I love the powtoon! Congratulations for making it into the short list. I think you really deserve it. I think you are a great commenter because you always ask questions about the blog posts and you make people think and wonder.

    1. Hi Mia,

      Thank you for commenting! I like to pose questions to make the author think an wonder like you said. The pontoon was easy to make thpugh I recognise I made a ouple of accidental mistakes.


  5. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations on being elected a short list best blogger award! It is true-You do comment very well. You are a great commenter in that you thank and put so much effort into and for your comments. I don’t celebrate Halloween either yet instead my church does a Halloween alternative which includes playing games, eating lollies, spending time with friends and having a BBQ at the end of the day.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hi Elspeth,

      Thank you so much for writing such a constructive comment. Your feedback means a lot! Your Halloween alternative sounds like lots of fun!!!


  6. Hi Claire,
    Congrats on being nominated for not only most improved blogger, but best commenter. You deserve both these nominations. I, having never visited this blog, can see why! Great work!

  7. Hi Claire,

    Congrats on being nominated for the best year 6 commenter! You really do comment well!
    I love the poem and narrative! They both are very intriguing!

    Well Done!
    – Lily

  8. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations on being nominated for best commenter and most improved blogger in year 6 2015. I think your post was amazing and that it was a great idea to put smarties as your header background. I also don’t celebrate Halloween as I am a christian and my family is to. I also would love to go trick and treating as I have never gone before. Here is an idea for you if you would like to go trick and treating. You could say Donate or Treat. This way you could raise money for a charity and you can still get lollies. My family and I are thinking of doing this for next year as we have never trick and treated before. I just thought this would be a good idea.
    All your posts are amazing and have improved over time. I think that your theme is also excellent and the navigation is great as well. Keep up the great work and posts. You have definitely put a lot of effort in your post. I also love you spooky story as well. I love all your posts as you have put a lot of effort into them.
    Keep Blogging and Commenting,

  9. Hi Claire
    Congrats on being nominated for most improved blogger and best commenter.
    I liked your post about halloween.

  10. Congratulations Claire. Its so good that you got shortlisted listed for the best commenters. You right the most amazing and deataild comments. I always appreciate your comments. They always help me with my blogging and helps me to improve what i do as a blogger.
    Congrats again Claire !!!!!!!
    – Tahlia xx

  11. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations on being for getting on the short list for the most improved year 6 blogger and the best year 6 commenter! You really do comment well and on other people. I loved your poem and narrative!
    Happy Blogging and well done!
    –Emily 😉 🙂

  12. Hi Claire,
    I like how you added a powtoon to your blog. Congratulations on being awarded most improved Year 6 Blogger.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for commenting! I do realise I made a couple of my mistakes in my powtoon though…..


  13. Hi Claire,
    I absolutely love your blog! Your posts are very unique and different. Congrats on being shortlisted for Year 6 Best Commenter.
    Amber xx 🙂

    1. Hi Ambob,

      Thanks for commenting! I try and make my posts different and not the same like everyone else!


  14. Hi Claire,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. i can see that you have put a lot of effort into it and you should be proud of that. Like Chloe stated in her comment, your theme is very easy to navigate around and I find it very appealing to look at. As well as this, your posts are very clear, well structured and engaging to read. They are at very high standard and you should be very proud of that. As far as I can see, you are doing incredibly well in your Student Blogging Challenge as well. Congratulations on that and I wish you luck throughout the rest of the competition.
    Furthermore, I also want to congratulate you on getting short-listed for the most improved blogger of the year and also the best blogger of the year. That is a great achievement!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your many posts and will certain visit your blog again in the future.
    Gemma 🙂

    1. Hi Gem,

      Thanks for such a constructive comment! I chose my theme not to long ago and it is defiantly a keeper! What do you do on Halloween?


    1. Hi Jazz,

      Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it! I have been working on my english and writing skills this year so thanks for the feedback! What do you like to do on Halloween? Do you even celebrate it?


  15. Hi Claire,
    I love your blog!! Great job on getting nominated for the Best Commenter. My family, like yours, does not celebrate Halloween. I do love lollies though! What do you do during Halloween?
    Izzy xx

    1. Hi Izzy,

      Thanks for commenting. When it is halloween we usually just buy our own lollies, eat them to ourselves, and watch a movie! What about you?


  16. G’day Claire,
    Another great post – you could have chosen a different celebration if you don’t usually do Halloween. Other students have done Christmas or a festival held in their town. By the way, I read from the other comments you have been nominated for best commenter. I can certainly agree with that, just by looking at the way you respond to your visitors who leave comments.

    1. Hi Mrs W,

      In our school were are going to do end of year blogging awards. I have been nominated to have the most improved and best commenter award! Thanks so much!


  17. Hi Claire,
    Fun isn’t it..
    I loved your story it’s so interesting.
    Congratulations on getting into the shortlist, you really have improved.

    1. Hi Georgie,

      I really enjoy the Student Blogging Challenge! The many various activities were do are amazing!


  18. Hi Clairey!!!
    I love your story. It really got me hooked, what happens to the main character???!!!
    To me I don’t think you should be in the most improved section because you have been good since the start. You picture is making me hungry.😋😎🐶🌈🍭🍬

    1. Hi Lulu,

      Thanks for commenting. I don’t know will happen to the main character. I have a strange belief that characters on books love on in their own world.


  19. Hey Claire!
    A very fitting post for Halloween! I found that narrative quite frightening! I love your blog as you always post really engaging and interesting posts and challenge yourself to go beyond I “have to” to “want to” post. It is fabulous that you complete all tasks, even though this is not compulsory. Congratulations for being shortlisted for Best Year 6 Commenter and Most Improved. I truly believe you comment so well with complex and (positively) critical feedback. Your comments are always extremely constructive and have an impressive structure, but are still kept fairly concise. They are consistently like this as well, which is often quite rare. This makes you the perfect commenter! Great job. As for Most Improved, from having limited knowledge about blogging, you have flourished in this skill and your passion has led your blog to be engaging, interesting and thorough. Congratulations! I think you very much deserve it.

    1. Hi Liv,

      Thanks so much for commenting and writing a constructive comment! What do to do on Halloween? Your blog is too!


  20. Hi Claire,
    I am Naho from the group/class blog Hongwanji MS ELA in Hawaii, United States. I am participating in the Student Blogging Challenge just like you. You are such a great writter, I love your poem, story, videos, and more. The story scared me a lot. Do you do anything special that is halloween ish at school or at home? Oh, and this is the link to my blog.


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