Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

Hello world,

As you know I am involved in the Student Blogging Challenge. this means I have to complete certain tasks each week. Last Week’s theme was About Me. It meant that I had to make an about me page and an avatar. I learnt a lot from this task. This week’s task is commenting. We will learn to comment and the commenting Guidlines.


So our first activity is to practice leaving a comment below with a link to your post for an activity you’ve completed this week or last week. We have to comment on Mrs Smith’s I’m New Here post to work through the tasks in her post and then leave a comment on her post. Which was:

Hi Mrs. Smith,

I managed to get through all of your retired bloggers blogs. The posts were detailed and interesting. I especially liked Nicholas’s as I am rather sporty too! I also thoroughly enjoyed reading Greyson’s WWII German King Tiger Tank post. It was intriguing to know German heavy tank production started before the war around 1937. This made me think about why Germans did this. Were they preparing for war?


I now realise that i forgot to put my blog URL so people know where to visit.


Our second challenge was to make a video or poster on what we think are superior commenting guidelines. I have chosen to make a poster of my commenting guidelines.

I think I will decide to make a poster.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.14.54 pm



We have to do 4 comments to 4 different people. here are my comments.


Hi Chloe,

I am also doing the student blogging challenge! This is a great and detailed post. You have clearly outlined, like Brianna said, the key elements to a good  comment. I especially agree with you rule: Do not post anything that would hurt someone’s feelings. This is extremely important. Keep on going you are doing really well!



Hi Rachel,

I am also doing the Student Blogging Challenge. This is a fantastic post! It clearly outlines the guidelines of a good comment. I like the poster design because it is simple yet effective! Keep going you are doing really well!



Hi Farhiya,

I, to am Student Blogging Challenge. I am glad you love blogging! I to, love blogging as I feel like I can say anything I want. It is interesting how you are different online as I am the same. What are you like in real life? I hope this is good feedback as I can relate with in wanting to have feedback to improve. Maybe next time you could create an avatar!Claire

Hi Nate,

I am a fellow Student Blogging challenge member! I love animals to and one day want to help them though I am not a cat-lover! I have dog named, Cooper, who is a chocolate Labrador. My favourite subject is sport. What is your favourite math aspect?


I thoroughly enjoyed the tasks this week and can’t wait till the next challenge!

Keep being awesome!


4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

  1. I am so pleased you have decided to take part in The Student Blogging Challenge Claire. I am sure you will learn new blogging skills, as well as be a great example of an excellent blogger to other students, who might be new to student blogging.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mrs Miller

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